The game set in White Wolfs World of Darkness, in and around a fictional city, game period is modern time, alternate gothic inspired reality.
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 Thoughts on new ways to handle player-player interactions.

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PostSubject: Thoughts on new ways to handle player-player interactions.   Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:38 am

What this is about

For a starter, I discussed this with people while I was falling asleep, then with Ravenovia (ST)  without properly saving the log of what we talked about, so this is hodgepodge of what I remember from each source to make it together as a coherent whole, also this is about asking about it... asking you all, if this is a good idea, or if someone have a better idea or additions theyd like to see to or from it.

Currently, Open Play, as you should know, is VERY limiting without any ST present, which very understandable, is a concern for many.
Summarise of the current rules;

No actions may be taken which directly affect or glean information about another PC without OOC consent from the player in question.
Supernatural creatures may not recognize one another (vampires sensing other vampires, etc.) unless both parties give OOC consent.
Resource pools (Willpower, Vitae, Mana, etc.) are locked, and points may not be gained or spent (with the exception of vampires feeding: see the House Rules and Game Mechanics page for more information). Abilities which require these resources may not be used.
Staff members may jump into Open Play whenever they see fit to play NPCs, seed storylines, and generally stir the pot. Whenever a Staff member is present, the above restrictions may be lifted at any time.

Now, this is rules designed for the greater good of the group, but that dosnt mean their always good, for everyone, in every situation. Its been pointed out, and we know. At first its been 'yepp, but whats the alternative?' and thinking about the alternative of just releasing it... have not been a fun thing. However, both good player input and our own thoughts about it have come up with a possible alternative for players who have some experience of roleplaying and taking responsibility for themselves.
So Im posting what we got on those thoughts here, and you guys can help make input on what you think sound good or bad and if it should be implemented atall.

What could be done about it? (Maybe)

The alternate idea builds around that players can (and should be allowed) to select one of their own to handle minor staff duties on the spot (in agreement with eachother), though if someone dosnt trust their judgement, then no, the above rule will be the ones that goes when players is NOT in agreement. And yes, that means if Five plus players wants to, and one dosnt, their NOT allowed to bully the one who dont to 'accept' it (I will so punish players who try that). The Five could go on with a scene of their own, ofcourse, but if said unwilling players character is central for it to work, you just have to wait for a ST to judge the situation. This is not meant to be a way for a group to abuse other players.

1. A position called (Something? simply Staff? Player Helper? Cute titles goes here...) is added to the game. Theres two current sugestions how this would be selected, both being that the power in this regard is in the hands of the players, either of;
A: A from time to time temporary position, players simply vote/agree on the spot when they gathered in a game room who they trust to take the position (one would always be available this way, for one pro)
B: Voted for a select few in the forums, the pro of this includes that its easier to know who they are and we may be able to work easier with them for minor plots. An obious flaw is the same as for the ST's - what if their not online?
C: Both of the above, possibly as two different ranks or that some could get it temporary while some could have it on a pre-voted basis? Getting messy, but its an option.

2. What would this Player Helper do?
Rule in Dice judgements, run minor on the hip plots (or if players does such, oversee their done fair without godmodding) and almost everything else that puts the above rules out of comission, taking the game into a normal session without the restrictions that otherwise would have to aply.
Make sure everyone (yes, everyone) involved post their logs in the Open Roleplay Logs of the forum and marks them as under Player Helper moderation. If we cant check whats going on in the game, chaos is the least of the problems looming. (Alternatively, send us the logs if they contain plots one -really- dont want everyone else to know).

Suggested duties of a Player Helper

  • Mediate player conflicts
  • Oversee and control dice rolls
  • Handle vampire feeding scenes as necessary, aswell as other 'resource' regains (such as Willpower, which otherwise is locked)
  • Run hipped (temporary) NPC's, make notes on NPC's that may become recuring under their watch or be of intrest to the ST's
  • Try to keep things civil between players and when necessary remind overeager ones that ANY player can refuse this and is on the right to wait for an ST if so.
  • Learn the basic rules for the games used (Currently for Mortals and Vampires, more to come) so they know what their doing, to as good extent they can.
  • Handle the mess that under this system, they can get to judicate if a players character may risk death and the issues that may come with that in a calm manner.
  • Be FAIR

What a Player Helper does NOT do

  • Give out beats or XP, we will check the logs and listen to the Player Helper who was there for their sugestions, but theres no reason they should have this power.
  • Ban or expell players from the game. They can report bad behavior and show the logs though.
  • Give out tons of items, blood, cash, political positions (which is handled in the main plot line, which their not overseeing) and similar to their friends.
  • Play favorites (dosnt matter how popular the Player Helper is, if this is becoming an issue, they will be forbidden to have this position)
  • Break the rules for their own or others benefits. (Minor ignorance is allowed for a good story, we do that too).
  • Hiding behind the position to be an ass. (If they do, players, show us the logs)

Pretty much, a Player Helper would nullify the restrictions on Open Play and be responsible (and the on site arbiter for rule judgements) for the game and the players.

Is this something you guys would like to see? A variant of it?
Post sugestions and thoughts.

This system is NOT in effect yet.

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Thoughts on new ways to handle player-player interactions.
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