The game set in White Wolfs World of Darkness, in and around a fictional city, game period is modern time, alternate gothic inspired reality.
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 Summarised Rules that comes up often

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PostSubject: Summarised Rules that comes up often   Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:29 pm

Work in Progress

Combat Summary

Stage One: Intent

• The players and the Storyteller describe what their characters want out of the fight.
• Decide whether characters can surrender and can become Beaten Down.

Stage Two: Initiative

• If the attacker springs an ambush or otherwise strikes when the defender isn’t able to counter,
the defender rolls Wits + Composure contested by the attacker’s Dexterity + Stealth.
If the defender scores fewer successes, she doesn’t act on the first turn of combat and cannot apply Defense against attacks.
If the defender gets equal or more successes, the ambush has no effect.
• Everyone rolls Initiative: the result of a die roll + Dexterity + Composure.
If the character has a weapon readied, apply its Initiative Modifier.
A vampire with Celerity can spent 1 Vitae to jump to the head of the queue; if more than one tries, trigger a Clash of Wills.

Stage Three: Attack

• Unarmed Combat: Strength + Brawl vs. Defense
• Melee Combat: Strength + Weaponry vs. Defense
• Ranged Combat: Dexterity + Firearms
• Thrown Weapons: Dexterity + Athletics vs. Defense

A character’s Defense is normally subtracted from any attack dice pools where it applies.
If she chooses to Dodge, the defender rolls twice her Defense as a dice pool against each attack (not aplied with the above step, either or).
Each success reduces the attacker’s successes by one.
If the attacker is reduced to zero successes, the attack does nothing. If the attacker has successes remaining, add any weapon modifer to the number of successes to
determine how many points of Health the target loses. All weapons deal lethal damage to mortals, while all mundane weapons deal bashing damage to vampires.

Stage Four:

The Storyteller describes the attack and wound in narrative terms

• Aiming: +1 per turn to a +3 maximum
• All-Out Attack: +2 with Brawl or Weaponry attack; lose Defense
• Armor Piercing: Ignores amount of target’s armor equal to item’s rating
• Autofire Long Burst: 20 or so bullets, no target limit pending Storyteller approval.
A +3 bonus is applied to each attack roll; –1 per roll for each target after the first.
• Autofre Medium Burst: 10 or so bullets at one to three targets, with a +2 bonus to each attack roll; –1 per roll for each target after the first.
• Autofre Short Burst: Three bullets at a single target with a +1 bonus to the roll.
• Concealment: Barely –1; partially –2; substantially –3; fully, see “Cover”
• Cover: Subtract Durability from damage; if Durability is greater than weapon modifer, attack has no effect.
• Dodge: Double Defense, roll as a dice pool with each success subtracting one from the attacker’s successes.
• Drawing a Weapon: Requires instant action without a Merit and could negate Defense at Storyteller discretion.
• Firing from Concealment: Shooter’s own concealment quality (–1, –2, or –3) reduced by one as a penalty to fire back (so, no modifer, –1, or –2)
• Offhand Attack: –2 penalty (You are assumed right handed if not otherwise stated beforehand).
• Prone Target: –2 penalty to hit in ranged combat; +2 bonus to hit when attacker is within close-combat distance
• Range: –2 at medium range, –4 at long range
• Shooting into Close Combat: –2 per combatant avoided in a single shot (not applicable to autofre); –4 if grappling
• Specifed Target: Torso –1, leg or arm –2, head –3, hand –4, eye –5
• Surprised or Immobilized Target: Defense doesn’t apply
• Touching a Target: Dexterity + Brawl or Dexterity + Weaponry; armor may or may not apply, but Defense does apply
• Willpower: Add three dice or +2 to a Resistance trait (Stamina, Resolve, or Composure) in one roll or instance.
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PostSubject: Re: Summarised Rules that comes up often   Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:34 pm

Extended Actions

1. Determine Dice Pool: Attribute + Skill + Specialty (if any)
2. Determine Target Successes and Time
3. Determine Interval of rolls
4. Results for Each Roll

Dramatic Failure: In addition to the effects of a failure, the first roll on a further attempt suffers a −2
die penalty.
Failure: You face a setback. The Storyteller will offer you a choice: take a Condition of her choice or abandon the action. You can offer a different Condition if you think it makes sense. If you refuse or cannot agree on a Condition, you lose all accumulated successes.
Success: Add the successes scored on the roll to your running total. Work with the Storyteller to determine what steps your character has taken towards his goal.
Exceptional Success: Choose one of: Reduce the number of successes required by your character’s Skill dots, reduce the time on each following roll by a quarter, or apply the exceptional success result of the action when you complete your goal.
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PostSubject: Re: Summarised Rules that comes up often   Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:08 pm

Grappling Summary

To grab your opponent, roll Strength + Brawl vs. Defense. On a success, both of you are grappling. A length of rope, a chain, or a whip adds its weapon bonus to your Strength when grappling. If you score an exceptional success on this frst roll, pick a move.
When grappling, each party makes a contested Strength + Brawl vs. Strength + Brawl action on the higher of the two character’s Initiative. The winner picks a move, or two moves on an exceptional success.

• Break Free from the grapple. You throw off your opponent; you’re both no longer grappling. Succeeding at this move is a reflexive action.
• Control Weapon, either by drawing a weapon that you have holstered or turning your opponent’s weapon against him.
You keep control until your opponent makes a Control Weapon move.
• Damage your opponent by dealing bashing damage equal to your rolled successes.
If you previously succeeded at a Control Weapon action, add the weapon bonus to your successes.
• Disarm your opponent, removing a weapon from the grapple entirely. You must frst have succeeded at a Control Weapon move.
• Drop Prone, throwing both of you to the ground (see “Going Prone”). You must Break Free before rising.
• Hold your opponent in place. Neither of you can apply Defense against incoming attacks.
• Restrain your opponent. Your opponent suffers the Immobilized Tilt. You can only use this move if you’ve already succeeded in a Hold move.
If you use equipment to Restrain your opponent, you can leave the grapple.
• Take Cover using your opponent’s body. Any ranged attacks made until the end of the turn automatically hit him.
• Feed from your opponent after successfully biting as part of a Damage move. Steal one Vitae (and inflict one lethal damage) .
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PostSubject: Re: Summarised Rules that comes up often   Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:10 pm

Predatory Aura

The Monstrous Beast: Blood Potency + Strength, inflicts Bestial
The Seductive Beast: Blood Potency + Presence, inflicts Wanton
The Competitive Beast: Blood Potency + Intelligence, inflicts Competitive

Vampires can always recognize other vampires via the predatory aura, unless obscured by other powers.
(Not aplicable in Open RP under our current rules on those.)

To Lash Out:
1. Take an action appropriate to the aspect of the Beast being invoked.
2. Roll the pool specifed above.
3. Defender chooses fight or flight.

Fight: Defender picks aspect of the Beast and rolls the pool specifed above. Whoever scores less successes gets the Condition associated with her opponent’s Beast.
Whoever scores more gets +2 to any rolls to pursue her aspect’s interests.
Flight: Defender gains the Condition associated with the aggressor’s aspect and escapes from the challenge.
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PostSubject: Re: Summarised Rules that comes up often   Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:13 pm

Damage from Sunlight

(Vampires, duh)

Humanity Dots
Damage Type
7-101 lethal
62 lethal
53 lethal
41 aggravated
32 aggravated
23 aggravated
14 aggravated
05 aggravated

Blood Potency DotsDamage Frequency
1-2Ten Minutes
3One Minute
4-5One Turn
6-72x/ Turn
8-93x/ Turn
105x/ Turn
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PostSubject: Re: Summarised Rules that comes up often   

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Summarised Rules that comes up often
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