The game set in White Wolfs World of Darkness, in and around a fictional city, game period is modern time, alternate gothic inspired reality.
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 What you think aloud, comes out aloud! *IMPORTANT NEW RULE* 21 Aug 2018

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PostSubject: What you think aloud, comes out aloud! *IMPORTANT NEW RULE* 21 Aug 2018   Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:58 pm

As of today, a new rule will be implemented because several players just wont stop 'thinking' complex OOC information into their posts.
Since very few, if any players have telepathy, this shouldnt have anything to do in the game, but despite reminders, they keep poping in.

This is an issue as it makes it hard for -everyone- else to apropriately 'suspect' things without feeling (or be susspected of) metagaming. When they really havent dont anything wrong, its just slapped on the screen over and over. Players shouldnt be punished for what others fail at, so were implementing a rule to remedy this.

If your character is IC with others, and you state what he/she is thinking, your character is actually speaking this out aloud without realising it themselves or is otherwise making is obious. Everyone around in hearing distance will know. This may be a way to present their current emotions and what you planned. Fine. If your telling about vampires, that you killed someone or other explict details, this is infact what your character have made abundantely clear to everyone in ears reach!
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What you think aloud, comes out aloud! *IMPORTANT NEW RULE* 21 Aug 2018
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